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Serve God Above All!

Peace and grace to you!

The Prophet Elisha wants to return-gift the couple that have been generous and kind to him.  The gift that he gives is his intercessory prayer on their behalf for the blessing of a baby boy.  Because Elisha is a prophet completely devoted to God, his prayer for them will be granted!  Jesus speaks to his apostles (those who are sent) about setting within themselves the priority of loving and serving God above all.  Because God is generous and kind, even small acts of charity done to others out of reverence for God will be rewarded with a blessing.

We live with an inner tension in heart and mind between things of heaven and things of earth.  It is important to remember that these are not mutually exclusive.  St. Paul said that we must make use of the things of this world yet not let ourselves be so engrossed in them that we become solely focused on them.  Juxtaposed to that understanding we hear St. Teresa of Avila’s comment “don’t be so heavenly that you’re no earthly good.”

Jesus reminds us to maintain our balance and make God our top priority.  As we can see with Elisha, God provides for those who devote themselves to serving him completely in surprising ways.  Those who are generous toward God’s servants with their earthly wealth will receive surprising blessings too!

One thing stands out: God cannot be outdone in generosity or in surprises!  Is there a way that you can use something of what you have to return-gift God?  Blessings be yours always! +++  Fr. Peter