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God Dwells In Us!

The Lord is near, let us look toward him and be radiant!

When David proposes to build a house for the Ark of God, God’s response is to establish the house and throne of David forever—God cannot be out-done in generosity!  All nations, even the non-Jewish people, receive this news with great joy as St. Paul tells us.  But what kind of house and kingdom is it that God establishes?  We get a glimpse from a billionaire, Ross Perot.  In an interview about his early years, Ross related that when he was growing up in North East Texas during the great depression a lot of hobos would come to their home asking for something to eat.  His parents, although poor themselves, never tuned them away but always gave them something to eat.  One day his mother asked a hobo why so many came to their house and not their neighbor’s.  Because, the Hobo replied, the sign scratched on the curb in front of your house makes it known that you always give.  Ross asked his mother if he should remove the sign.  She said no, we must always share with those who have less.  Ross related that the example of his parents’ generosity even in hard times was a powerful influence in his life.

A great story!  But what is in a house that makes it a home?  The people!  And God’s house, his true dwelling, is in the hearts and minds of his people!  Jesus came among us in poverty and simplicity.  He still does, but he generously gives a greater wealth and treasure than the world can know.  He told us that his kingdom is within us—and it is!  He nourishes us with his own life in the Eucharist and as we grow in his life, we do his works in the world.  Mary’s joy could hardly be contained and prompted her to visit Elizabeth.  The little everyday things she did for Elizabeth and Zechariah in the name of God manifested the love and joy she had within.  We too are sent by God and led by the Spirit to do God’s will so that all might come to God’s house and find salvation!  May God bless you always! +++ Fr. Peter